UISUDISKO (vaba jää) lahtiolekuajad 24.01 - 02.02.20:

24.01 reede           15:00-21:00

25.01 laupäev        12:00-20:00

26.01 pühapäev     12:00-20:00

27.01 esmaspäev          suletud

28.01 teisipäev              suletud

29.01 kolmapäev          suletud

30.01 neljapäev     13:30-21:00

31.01 reede           15:00-21:00

01.02 laupäev        12:00-20:00

02.02 pühapäev     12:00-20:00





SKATE DISCO (public skating)

Skate disco for visitors

The skate disco is suitable for everyone!
Hockey Event

Hockey Event

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This fun and active birthday!

Children's birthdays

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It is perfect for groups of 30-150 people.

Ice Arena skate disco

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Recreation and relaxing

Jeti sauna

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Tondiraba curlingu packages

Come play curling!
Open every day 10:00-22:00

Harju Street ice rink